$17.00 USD

Considering the Impact of Trauma in Behavior Assessment, Planning and Instruction

Join Monica Peters and Tina Long, Behaviorists and Psychological Flexibility Facilitators, for this 2 CEU Event where we'll explore adverse childhood events, their impact on growth/development/behavior, and how to use this information during behavior assessments, planning, and instruction to move towards trauma-informed consultation, classrooms, and communities.

Learning Objectives:
1. Define Trauma
2. Identify 4 Types of Trauma
3. Identify 3 Potential Impacts of Childhood Trauma
4. Identify 6 Key Principles of a Trauma-Informed Approach



Feedback From Participants:

THANK YOU SO MUCH for not only breaking down trauma informed care, but relating it to ACT. TIC should absolutely be in every BCBA's toolbox.

Informational both professionally and personally, thank you so much!

Loved the loops and how that could be incorporated with the FBA and the client having a voice in those setting events that elicit responses.

So appreciate this session, it reminds me of what i still need to do to ensure that I am hitting all areas when supporting vulnerable learners, and lets be honest, learned a lot about myself and trauma that is historic....

Thank you so much for your time! I look forward to using the matrices in analyzing ME and GROUP processing of trauma. I also really appreciate the tie to RFT.