Busy and Unproductive?

Jul 10, 2022

Are you stuck in a loop of constantly moving but still feeling unproductive?

I've been there too.....yesterday, and probably today, and likely tomorrow. 

I've noticed that the biggest thief of time is my thoughts - and my behaviors in response to those thoughts. Noticing my thoughts and then noticing what I do next, along with taking a look at where I'm spending my time, has helped me learn about what actually works to get me what I want. 

And I've noticed that once I developed a deliberate practice of noticing my thoughts and what I did in response, I actually took back more time in my day so I could be productive AND present. 

I created a workshop with the time management process that keeps me showing up for productivity while staying present so that I can make decisions, get things done, and control my time, even when sh*t pops up.

Do you think you might have the opportunity to notice busy and unproductive showing up today?

Find the workshop at https://www.thesortingschool.com/timemanagement

I use a few simple steps to sort out life for myself and others to be productive while staying present and build confidence with creative problem solving.

Want the steps? Grab your copy below. 
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